Chesapeake Bay

Chesapeake Bay


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Size:  25" wide by 31" high

Locale:  Coastal Virginia & Maryland 

More than 150 rivers and streams drain into Chesapeake Bay, the largest estuary in the United States. It drains a basin of over 64,000 square miles into the Atlantic Ocean, but it's actually quite shallow. Its average depth is only 21 feet and almost a quarter of the bay is less than 6 feet deep.

During the last ice age, sea levels were much lower than they are today and the bay was actually a river basin. When the ice receded and sea levels rose, it filled in the bay and left the channel of the Susquehanna down below as evidence of its prehistoric past. In geologic terms, this is what's called a "ria" (a drowned river valley).

Construction: This piece comes ready to hang, pre-framed in a custom, solid-wood frame. Its rich contours are carefully crafted from laser-cut layers of Baltic birch, which are hand colored and glued together with the intent that each becomes a prized conversational piece and treasured heirloom.

It was designed in the United States, crafted in a family-owned shop overseas, and imported.

Points of Interest: Pocomoke Sound, Potomac River, Rappahannock River, Patuxent River, Susquehanna River, Chesapeake & Delaware Canal, Sassafras River, Chester River, Nanticoke River, and more!

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