Referral program

Refer a friend, get a thank-you gift!

As soon as you slide your wood chart out of its box, you're going to be hounded by people asking you where you found it. They're gorgeous, it's inevitable. When that happens, we'd love it if you helped those curious folks find our shop. If you do, and they purchase a piece from us, then we'll contact you to award you a small token of our appreciation.
Pick one of our favorite books, we'll mail it to you!

by Ken Jennings
by Hali Felt
Geography From A-to-Z
by Jack Knowlton & Harriet Barton
The Magic School Bus
by Joanna Cole & Bruce Degen
Two ways that you can qualify:
  1. They'll enter your name in the notes box while they're checking out (we put a reminder for them on that page)
  2. You'll email us within a month of their order date to make the association
Why are we so relaxed about that process? Well, because when you refer someone to our store, we don't want them to feel like they're only doing it to earn you a silly prize. You don't even have to tell them about this program, just email us about it after you hear that they placed their order.
Limits to this fantastic offer:
We limit gifts to 1 per referral order (even if they order multiple charts), you need to be a previous customer to qualify, and we will only send gifts if we're made aware of the referral within a month of the referral order date. We'll cover shipping anywhere in the United States and Canada. We'll do our best to ship everywhere else, but we need to reserve the right to deny shipment to other countries if shipping costs become prohibitively expensive.
We think all 4 books are fantastic, so to ensure that you have a shot at claiming one of each, we're limiting the number of gifts per referral (not limiting the number of gifts per person). If you refer several friends, we'll send you several gifts!
In review:
  • Eligibility: All previous Below the Boat customers are eligible
  • Qualification: Referrals must result in a purchase to qualify
  • Award: Pick a book from above, we'll ship it to you for free!
  • You don't have to tell your friends to do anything special when they place their order
  • If you don't, then please email us within a month of their order to let us know that you referred them
  • Tip: Refer multiple friends, get multiple books!
So remember, when your friends say "Wow!!" and you say "Below the Boat", we say "thank-you!" ...and then send you a gift.