Puget Sound

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  • Puget Sound Wood Chart
  • Puget Sound Wood Chart

Puget Sound


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Size:  25" wide by 31" high

Locale:  Western Washington

Part of the Salish Sea, the Puget Sound was shaped by glaciers that retreated less than 11,000 years ago. Ice sheets about 3,000 feet thick covered Seattle (nearly 6,000 feet at the US/Canada border), and when they retreated, they carved Lake Washington, Sammamish, Hood Canal, and the main Puget Sound basin. 

The Puget Sound averages 205 feet in depth, reaches a maximum depth of 930 feet off of Point Jefferson, and is approximately 600 feet deep through the main basin.

Construction: This piece comes ready to hang, pre-framed in a custom, solid-wood frame. Its rich contours are carefully crafted from laser-cut layers of Baltic birch, which are hand colored and glued together with the intent that each becomes a prized conversational piece and treasured heirloom.

It was designed in the United States, crafted in a family-owned shop overseas, and imported.

Points of Interest: Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, Kitsap Peninsula, Olympic National Park, Vashon Island, Bainbridge Island, and more!

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